ExCAL has been retained by Vale for over 14 years.

During that time we have investigated and solved a wide range of environmental issues. A small selection of the larger projects undertaken for Vale are briefly described below.


River Corridor Survey

ExCAL were retained to undertake a comprehensive river corridor survey that was designed to assess the potential impact of the facility upon the adjacent river. Tasks included comprehensive tracing, testing and modelling of the mixing zone of effluents from licensed discharge points, sediment analysis, contaminant bio-availability testing and detailed assessment of ecological impact including macro – invertebrates, macrophytes and algal diatoms.  The impact of non - ferrous metals on algal diatom growth was investigated.  Much of the work involved sampling from boats and the design and use of bespoke sampling equipment.


Groundwater investigation and modelling

ExCAL were responsible for detailed investigation and modelling of the groundwater beneath the production facility and the former landfill. Models were produced of groundwater contaminant profiles which led to installation of a successful pump and treat system that utilises the existing effluent treatment plant.


Drainage modification

ExCAL were retained to investigate complex drainage issues that caused non - compliance with licensed discharge consents.  Following detailed investigation and analysis, complex modifications were designed, constructed and commissioned. The works included 16 new interlinked pumping stations, a new cooling water discharge and diversion of process water to the effluent treatment plant.  The whole system operates under a telemetry framework which allows Vale engineering team to manage the installation remotely.


Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

ExCAL were commissioned to undertake a comprehensive EIA for the proposed development of a £200m facility. The EIA included all of the topics that are considered under the regulations and required comprehensive Air Quality Modelling and a Flood Consequence Risk Assessment.


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