Environmental Monitoring

We offer a comprehensive environmental monitoring service including atmospheric, water, soil, landfill and ecological.  Our team has developed bespoke testing protocols for many industries in a variety of challenging environments.

Environmental Permitting

Many industries require Environmental Permits or need to register Exemptions in order to operate their processes.  Our team has extensive expertise in Environmental Permit Applications.  We are able to translate our clients aspirations, through the regulatory and legislative framework, into workable practical Environmental Permits.

Waste Management Solutions

The experience of our team in the field of Waste Management is extensive.  We have assisted our clients to convert waste into soluble products and to effectively manage and reduce their costs associated with waste.  We are able to develop and trial new waste technologies and have assisted our clients to create prototypes and obtain patents.

Environmental Impact Assessment

ExCAL offers extensive Environmental Impact Assessment services.  We have developed Planning Applications for a very wide range of schemes, including Developments of National Significance.

Marine Water Sampling

ExCAL offers marine water sampling services. These are often required to assess sediment loading or to collect samples for ecological or contamination analysis.

Research and Development

We have developed a strong R + D team that works predominantly within the renewable energy and waste sector.  We have developed technologies and techniques that are protected by Patents and knowhow and have assisted our clients to convert their concepts into commercial operations.

Renewable Energy

ExCAL has extensive experience in developing renewable energy projects for our clients.  We are able to assist with concept and process design, environmental impact assessment and planning permission, construction and commissioning.

Contamination Assessment

Extensive experience in undertaking assessment of contaminated land.  We are experts at developing fully quantified risk assessments (QRA’s) and contamination remediation designs.  Our assessment techniques include fate analysis, 3D computer modelling and human health quantified risk assessment.  Our specialist team includes toxicologists, chemists and scientists who are adept at providing complex data sets in easily readable formats.

Geotechnical Assessments

Comprehensive ability in design specification and supervision of all forms of site investigation.  Techniques range from non - intrusive studies utilising geophysics, through to deep intrusive site investigations in domestic waste. We are thoroughly versed in all site investigation techniques and in the interpretation of the data retrieved.

Ecological Studies

Experience in undertaking many types of ecological surveys. We have skills in the identification of flora and fauna and our staff hold licences to deal with a wide range of protected species. We have specialists in the identification of macro-invertebrates and algal diatoms, which allows our team to assess the impact of contaminant streams upon the aquatic environment.

Groundwater Assessments

Extensive experience has been developed within the group with respect to groundwater assessment.  Our skills include hydro-geological modelling, contamination evaluation, pumping tests, transportation of contamination assessments, aquifer production capacity and transmisivity. We have designed supervised and implemented groundwater remediation projects.

On Site Chemical Testing

We have a strong capability in on site chemical analysis. Our on-site laboratory acts as a central hub for sample collection and preservation and is able to perform a wide range of chemical analysis. Results of some tests can be made available within 1 hour, enabling quick decisions to be made on remediation projects.  We have developed a wide range of screening tests that allow site works to be accelerated without compromising quality.

Remediation Design and Supervision

ExCAL has completed numerous land remediation designs. We have developed remediation programs for former docks, gasworks, industrial facilities, landfill sites, chemical works, steel works and coking facilities. We have supervised numerous land reclamation schemes.

River Corridor Surveys

Our team has undertaken comprehensive river corridor surveys on behalf of blue chip clients in order to measure the potential impact of facilities with respect to the water framework directive. Our work has included collection of numerous samples of both the water column and of sediments using bespoke sampling rigs.  Algal diatom surveys have been undertaken in - house to assess impact of metals in the aquatic environment.

Topographical Surveys

ExCAL offers a comprehensive topographical survey service. We operate fully automated remote sensing total survey stations which allow the automatic generation of digital ground models. We have a strong capability in 3D modelling of cut / fill volumes.

Dust Management Plans

Our team assists industries to develop Dust Management Plans.  We operate dust collection equipment for both environmental nuisance and for health and Safety monitoring (PM10). Our group has its own in house laboratory that enables us to undertaken specialist chemical or microscopic identification of dust if required for forensic investigations. We have the in house expertise to provide comprehensive atmospheric dispersion models to predict dust dispersion using ADMS.

Noise Surveys

ExCAL are experienced in undertaking both environmental and personal noise assessments. We undertake background noise surveys and provide specialist advice to enable developers and industrial operators to make planning applications. We are able to provide advice on noise mitigation techniques.

Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling

Utilising ADMS modelling software, ExCAL is able to provide comprehensive atmospheric dispersion models. Emissions from both point and diffuse sources can be modelled to evaluate and predict the location and concentration of the dispersion plume and to assess potential ground level concentrations of contaminants.

Asbestos Surveying and Management

ExCAL has qualified staff (BOHS P402) that provide a professional survey service to determine the presence of asbestos containing materials and suspected asbestos containing materials. Our asbestos services fulfil the requirements of commercial, industrial and government clients during operation, maintenance, renovation and demolition of assets.

Chemical Engineering

ExCAL offers a comprehensive process and chemical engineering service. We have experienced chemical, mechanical, electrical, and process engineers who are able to assist our clients with audits of energy, water, process, chemical and material systems. We have assisted clients with the development of their technology and have designed pilot plants for a range of technologies.

Land Management

ExCAL has a full time land management team. We assist companies to comply with their complex land management arrangements and act as the interface between them and the land occupiers, external regulatory bodies, visitors, members of the public and occupants. We have extensive experience in the management of SSSI's, RSPB reserves, sand dunes, tenanted farms and industrial estates.

Non Destructive Testing

We have experience in undertaking extensive NDT testing services for liquid containing vessels. Our team is trained in the use of ultrasonic techniques to assess material thickness of steel tanks.

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