ExCAL have experience in undertaking many types of ecological surveys. We have skills in the identification of flora and fauna and our experienced staff hold licences to deal with a range of protected species.

Bat Survey

Our licensed bat surveyors can undertake all aspects of bat surveys from initial scoping surveys, dusk emergence and dawn re-entry flight surveys, to remote surveys.

Great Crested Newt Survey

We have licensed Great Crested Newt specialists who are experienced in surveying for GCN as well as designing and implementing mitigation for the species.

Natterjack Toad Survey

Natterjack toads are the rarest amphibian found in the UK. Our amphibian specialist holds a natterjack toad survey licence, has experience in surveying and can design appropriate mitigation for the site should the species be present.

Reptile Survey

ExCAL staff have extensive experience in undertaking reptile surveys, designing and implementing appropriate mitigation and translocation.

Otter Survey

Our ecologists are experienced in otter surveying and monitoring and can provide expert mitigation design and implementation.

Badger Survey

We are able to undertake all aspects of badger survey from activity surveys to bait marking.

Dormouse Survey

Our licensed dormouse surveyors can provide expert advice on surveying, mitigation options and applying for licensing.

Bird Survey

We have experienced bird surveyors can advise you on survey methodology, legal protection, mitigation options and the timing of development works.

Phase 1 Habitat Survey

ExCAL staff have undertaken numerous habitat surveys which are based on the JNCC standard survey methodology. The survey identifies the habitats and important features present as well as evaluating the potential for these habitats to support protected flora and fauna.

Ecological Impact Assessment

ExCAL are experienced in writing Ecological Impact Assessments (EcIA) and can prepare Ecology Chapters to include in larger Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) or Environmental Statement (ES) documents.

European Protected Species
Licence Application

A development licence can be granted which permits activities that would otherwise be illegal for all European Protected Species and UK protected species. ExCAL staff are experienced in successfully applying for protected species development licenses.

and algal diatoms

We have specialists in the identification of macro-invertebrates and algal diatoms, which allows our team to assess the impact of contaminant streams upon the aquatic environment

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